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You need more than a website

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Date: 9 February 2013

Just having a website is like printing a batch of glossy brochures and then locking them in the cupboard.

Simply designing and publishing a website on the internet does not mean that you are going to get visitors to it. Traffic to your website needs to be pushed and pulled to it and this very often takes more effort than the website development itself.

Sending people to your website

A website is the perfect resource that you can send people to, to find out more about your company, products, promotions, etc. But, you are sending your website visitors. This visitor is somebody that you already have contact with -- so you CAN push them to your website.

On this level a website works well. Of cause there are matters like whether or not the website provides the correct brand message, or whether it delivers a positive user experience but that is for another article.

If you are happy with your website just satisfying your existing customers then you are disregarding the full potential the internet.

Times are changing

When looking for accommodation in Jeffreys Bay or a painter to paint your office, who do you turn to? In the past we used the Yellow Pages, but today you’re probably going to Google it.

Most of the clients that I have spoken to are no longer spending much on the Yellow Pages and many of them have stopped all together. The reality is that more and more people are using the search engines [Google primarily in South Africa] to search for products and services.

Where does your website feature on Google when you search for the products and services that you offer? Don’t search for “Supa Quick”! Search for “tyre dealers”!

If your competition is displayed before you, they are going to be contacted first. If you not on the first page or thereabout you not going to be contacted at all!

You need more than a website

You do need a website! But just a website is not going to cut it. You need good- web advice, a web strategy [that incorporates the social platforms, ad campaigns, SEO, etc] and contextual content. All of which is probably going to cost you more than the website itself.

How a website can do so much more...


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